BRAHMS The Symphonies


Anyone who pages through the score of a symphony by Brahms is embarking on a special journey of discovery. The pages breathe passion and love, romance and deep humanity, wisdom and philosophy, the beauty of nature and sublime spirituality. Yet you cannot fail to recognize that not only does Brahms express his individuality, but he also engages in a dialogue with the masters of the past, from Bach to Beethoven.

My relationship with the Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie was cemented from the very beginning with music by Brahms. With this same orchestra Brahms himself had performed his second Piano Concerto, his Alto Rhapsody, and the Hungarian Dances, in addition to Schumann’s Piano Concerto and Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy.
Daniel Raiskin

Raiskin places a great emphasis on transparency in his interpretations.
Rather than simply bathing the listener in pleasant sounds, he releases the full potential of a piece by revealing its structure, detail, layers and subtext, finding the right balance of sound and energy as he encourages the players to communicate with each other and tell a story through the music. All this and more can be found on this exciting and refreshing interpretation of the complete Symphonies by Brahms.
Recorded LIVE at various prestigious venues in Europe, including the Festspielhaus in Salzburg and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the roundness of sound, impeccable intonation and superb texturing reflect an orchestra of immense elegance. TwoPianists are delighted to introduce its imprint TwoPianists LIVE with this highly professional outfit.

Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie
Conductor: Daniel Raiskin
Cat. #: TP1039121
Triple CD
Label: TwoPianists LIVE
Recorded: Symphony No. 1 at Rhein-Mosel-Halle, Koblenz 26.09.2008, 
Symphony No. 2 at Großes Festspielhaus, Salzburg 27/28.09.2007,
Symphony No. 3 at Großes Festspielhaus, Salzburg 04.03.2009,
Symphony No. 4 at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 27.04.2008

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