Pianos: Nina Schumann & Luis Magalhães
Cat. #: TP1039039
Double CD
Label: TwoPianists Records
Recorded at: Endler Hall, Stellenbosch University, South Africa - January 7-13, 2006 

Historically, most distinguished performers of classical music travelled beyond their home to pursue mastery of their respective instruments in Europe or the United States. Some left for short periods before they returned to make significant musical contributions in the country of their birth.
Others remained abroad for extensive periods, spanning their entire performing careers, before returning home to retire. Yet others settled in their adopted countries where their talents were rewarded with opportunities and recognition not readily forthcoming in their home country. In what is a rich historical tapestry of musical migration, intercontinental transmission of performing practices and kaleidoscopic influences, there is very little precedent for South African-Portuguese exchange. To be sure, the character of this artistic collaboration is determined by a receptive empathy between two very different pianists. Playful charm intermingles with fastidious realization of text, delicate accuracy with impressively sonorous sound, percussive brilliance with meticulously formed singing lines.
What is evident from the enthusiastic reception of Magalhães-Schumann performances, however, is that the forging of such a broad register of pianistic ability from two contrasting styles results in a sound and interpretative depth of sumptuous richness. And because music is never divorced from worldly circumstance, the fascination of this artistic dialogue must surely also derive in part from the Magalhães-Schumann marriage, and the universally recognizable spark that ignited and continues to sustain it.

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